Brownie Bites: The Third Agreement

Agreement 3: "Don't make assumptions" By now, you can see how these agreements work together. When we make assumptions, we break the first two agreements. When we make an assumption, we respond in a way that is not impeccable. When we make an assumption, we often do so because we took something personally. Ruiz explains … Continue reading Brownie Bites: The Third Agreement

Brownie Bites: The Second Agreement

"Don't take anything personally" (Ruiz 47). This one's a toughy. Ruiz claims that no matter what someone, or something, does, it is not about you, it is about them, or it. Don't take it personally. My first response to this agreement was anger and disbelief.  How can a  person who's been victimized by things such … Continue reading Brownie Bites: The Second Agreement

Brownie Bites: The First Agreement

Don Miguel Ruiz's book, The Four Agreements was life altering for me. I discovered it about 15 years ago and it remains a central core component of my internal tool box. Ruiz transmutes Toltec wisdom from the esoteric to the practical. The Four Agreements is exceptional within the traditional "self-help" pedagogy in that it is … Continue reading Brownie Bites: The First Agreement