Socrates and Blogging

“To know is to know you know nothing, that is the meaning of true knowledge” (Socrates).

I used this quote recently for an English 112 lecture on rhetoric and academic argument. It became a mantra and got me thinking; how would Socrates blog?

The more I attempt to blog, the less I know. Or rather, I know that I know a lot less then I think I do. This is the curse of the metaphorical and menopausal mind; I am left cringing at things I wrote as recently as three months ago. Did I really write that? And so, I have demolished pretty much everything I put on this site because I realize I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

I deplore social media, yet in the process of becoming  a published writer, developing a social media platform seems to be a requirement.  So be it. If it serves ‘The Writing’, I’ll play by the rules: in a way I can live with. But the question remains: how would Socrates write a blog?


He was big on engaging in active discussion: working  a question from the inside out as well as exploring all its angles. But a blog is basically a static site, geared toward the writer to reader platform.  I write. You read – and hopefully comment. But that’s it. There is no real discussion.  So maybe it is safe to assume that Socrates would rather drink hemlock a hundred times over than blog.

But here is what I have come up with, thanks to him:

I hope to post a weekly  “writer to writer” annotated affirmation. I will choose a transpersonal quote or passage and analyze and illustrate how it works for writing. My studies in transpersonal psychology and writing are an ongoing process for me. Over my life, I have survived and thrived by actively striving for self-knowledge.  These quotes and passages work for me.  And maybe they will work for you, too.

It ain’t Socrates, but it’s what I got to give.

Thanks for reading.




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