Brownie bites: don’t kill the wrong thing

And the story goes...A Lord returns home to his castle. His faithful wolfhound greets him with tail-wagging capering. The Lord notices blood slathered all over the dogs muzzle but the dog doesn't seem to mind or notice; he is acting completely normal. The Lord finds this strange and so hurries into his castle. He is … Continue reading Brownie bites: don’t kill the wrong thing

Brownie bites: ENG 112 Student Essay-Guest Post

Another semester is beginning, and the following essay - reprinted  with Mr. Stone's permission- reminds me of why I write this blog, and why I willingly do full mark-ups on 200+ papers a semester, yet get up before dawn to carve out my own writing time. Yes, the essay is unabashedly complimentary, and I am … Continue reading Brownie bites: ENG 112 Student Essay-Guest Post

Brownie bites: Happy solstice!

Today the planet is the only proper "in group" ( Campbell). Please enjoy this lovely Guardian article by Gillian Monks ( link below). He discusses the archetypal influences of this most ancient of  'power days'  on Christianity. In our hectic, technologically and ideologically driven lives, we forget that we are part of the natural world, … Continue reading Brownie bites: Happy solstice!

Brownie bites: An animessy disclaimer

As  a cisgendered, heterosexual female, I do not pretend to have any knowledge or understanding about other gender identities and sexual orientations. Comprehending Jung’s concept of the Animus/Anima is difficult at best. When we put it in the context of other gender identities and sexual orientations, cogitation becomes pure torture. I have written several drafts … Continue reading Brownie bites: An animessy disclaimer

Brownie Bites:Working with the Persona

Fundamentally the Persona is nothing real: it is a compromise between individual and society as to what a [person] should appear to be. (Jung as qtd in Frager and Fadiman, 76) The Persona, according to Jung, is the outermost expression of our consciousness and personality. Persona means "mask". It is what and how we present … Continue reading Brownie Bites:Working with the Persona